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Ripple Exec Says He’s Working on a Platform That Gives Artists ‘100% of Revenue’


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All that money being poured into xSpring, and all we get is this shitty "let me build something in my spare time" project without a long term vision????? XRP is not suited for consumer payments f

That’s why historically spoken there always have been middlemen and, imho, there always will be ( a need for) middlemen.  They do have a usefull and truly needed role in economic reality.   It’s

Yet another great xrp project. https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2020/01/02/ripple-exec-xsongs-platform/

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I completely understand the incentive for artists to use this but 100% of profits from nothing is still nothing. You need to give consumers a reason to use the platform and relying on them choosing a platform because it helps the artist is a flawed business model. Aside from the interface, which looks like it has been designed by a high school student in their spare time, the industry is moving away from buying digital content and to subscription based content. Why could they not implement a service like Spotify where nano payments are sent to the artist for every second you listen, or something like this? It makes no sense to me to even try to build a platform like this in todays market.

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