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Whether Ripple Is Worth The $ 10B Valuation When XRP Lost 95% Value And Still In Downtrend?


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As AZCoin News reported, Ripple recently raised $ 200 million in Series C funding. This number has surprised in much of the great financial world. It is currently one of the most valuable private startups in Silicon Valley. After this funding round, Ripple is presently valued at $ 10 billion.

Analysts have been confused about how to be worth $ 10B. One user believes that the Ripple team can streamline their pricing by merely having a giant battle chest through the sale of XRP in the market. Every month, the team unlocks 1 billion XRP. There are hundreds of millions of dollars in XRP released every month. It is still unclear where these tokens have gone, other than the explanation of ‘on-demand liquidity.’

Source: https://azcoinnews.com/whether-ripple-is-worth-the-10b-valuation-when-xrp-lost-95-value-and-still-in-downtrend.html

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... and what do we have here? A new XRPchat member who, instead of reading up on the valuable info on XRPchat addressing the issues he pretends to wonder about, opts to ventilate a lot of FUD in a new separate thread ...

If you're honest, welcome to XRPchat, there's a lot of information on all the 'questions' that someone new to XRP might have. I suggest to DYOR before posting clear FUD. The article you posted cherrypicked some facts, neglected of lot of other relevant facts and added biased opinions as "analysis".

Also, please read the XRPchat Forum rules before posting. You can find them here:


Merry Christmas! :drinks:


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