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Ripple Raises $200 Million in latest funding round

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2 hours ago, princesultan said:

hmmm, didn't see this coming.... i'm curious why they would raise money rather than just sell xrp.

So they don’t have to. 100% of the last escrow release was returned. Seems clear that they want to stop selling at this juncture due in part to the downwards pressure it places on the market.

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7 hours ago, mistatee2000 said:

Let's see how this is welcomed or otherwise. Interesting that they are doing this rather than selling XRP - a very clear change of tactic.

A gamble maybe, but I maxed out this time.

One theory might be that this is a concession to their strategic partners, especially to big brother SBI...
Keep in mind for context, Ripple stating they don't really NEED the additional capital, it must be for other reasons then - to spread around ownership of Ripple Labs.

Since embracing commitments from SBI and Route 66 Ventures is highly likely to include more than just money, specifically these partners increasing their commitment of backing and utilization of Ripple's tech, this would greatly speed up and improve future outlook for greater success.

So, since SBI and R66 will be helping Ripple's momentum and stature, should they not also gain a bigger piece of ownership as well ? Don't forget that by gaining a bigger stake into Ripple, that also includes ownership of the 56b hoard of zerps too. It's a true win-win for all involved.

Seems more like a strategic marriage, where both sides gain from the synergy of a stronger and wider partnership of these stakeholders.

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6 hours ago, mrhat75 said:

Smarter and more connected people than me who are willing to throw in this type of money sure makes me confident with what I've put in

Putting some money back from selling xrp for the last 2 years non stop. But 200 mill earned from not selling xrp is positive that k agree.

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