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Crypto Currency Act 2020 (US)


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Congress Considers Federal Crypto Regulators In New Cryptocurrency Act Of 2020


As Congress prepares to recess for the holidays, it is a fitting end to 2019, notably marked by the reaction of U.S. lawmakers to the introduction of Project Libra by Facebook, that a bill has surfaced that would provide a sweeping regulatory framework for digital assets including cryptocurrencies.

The bill is called the ‘Crypto-Currency Act of 2020,’ and the stated purpose is to clarify which Federal agencies regulate digital assets, to require those agencies to notify the public of any Federal licenses, certifications, or registrations required to create or trade in such assets, and for other purposes.


Maybe we will finally get some clarity.

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On 12/20/2019 at 6:39 PM, Shuz said:

With all this impeachment crap going on i doubt it will happen before the next election🤔

Yes, but this looks like a lot of work has already been done. Things line up with about what I would have expected. Divide up the regulation, that way when you have a bad actor, if you cant get them under one set of laws/regulator, you can under another.

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