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XRP Tokens will be paid as Dividend by SBI Holdings


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SBI Holdings CEO Yoshitaka Kitao uncovers that the Japanese budgetary administration monster has been thinking about delivering investor profits as XRP tokens. They have chosen to do this after their backup, Morning Star started offering their investors profits in XRP prior this August. The select in the program is relied upon to dispatch during the monetary year finishing off with March 2020.

SBI Holdings, also known as the Strategic Business Innovator Group, is traded on an open market organization situated in Tokyo, Japan. They participate in protections, banking, and protection and give a wide scope of money related administrations. The SBI Holdings Group has just cooperated with Ripple to create and achieve more fintech circulated record answers for its financial consortium.

Source: TheCoinRepublic

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Thanks @francisrosee and welcome, I'm still new here too :)

On the off-chance you didn't already know about Crypto Eri (pronounced eddie), she's an American born living in Japan, and very informative to keep up with (youTube and Twitter) on all things XRP and Japan, as well as keeping us very informed on all things SBI related.

She's often sharing discoveries she's made long before they are revealed to the mainstream, and imho well worth following.

Cheers !


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10 minutes ago, Dario_o said:

Are they buying XRP from OTC / Exchanges and giving it to shareholders? Or they already have a ton of XRP to distribute?

I have followed this somewhat closely, and AFAIK this question has not been revealed.

It is known however, that they do own a sizable stack of XRP, in addition to their partial ownership of Ripple Labs (which owns over 6b NOT locked up in escrow).

If SBI's known ledger accounts are known, then perhaps will find out once the payout occurs ... 

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