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XRP Lost at Koinex.in


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Hi Friends, 

I missed the Notice published by Koinex.in as I was out of Country and lost track of my account. I though my XRP's was parked with secured and trusted company such as Koinex.in but I was wrong. I tried to transfer XRP to my other Wallet but the transaction didn't go through and my XRP is stuck in Koinex.in history section. 

I have tried every possible options to contact Koinex team but I am unable to get a single reply. 

Is there any way I could get my XRP's back or transfer to another Wallet. Any suggestions or guidance will be highly appreciated. 

Thank you,


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Does the history contain a transaction ID? If so, at least you can see what action was triggered by your attempted withdrawal, and maybe get a hint about what actually happened, by entering the transaction ID into e.g. Bithomp.

If you really can't contact Koinex then you could consider legal action if it would be worth your while. If they've gone out of business though, there may be no way to force them to pay up.

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