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Could perhaps someone explain the differences between a) A Ripple Customer b) A Ripple Partner c) A member of Ripple Net and whether a member of Ripple Net is also both a partner and a customer.   I become more confused by the day. Ripple partner Finablr announces today a partnership with Alipay - a hugely significant announcement in the global remittance world - does that mean that through Finablr that Ripple is partnered with Alipay?  Alipay and Ripple are both partners of GCash in the Philippines. Perhaps some member of the Ripple management could help me understand and get a much better feel for the global spread of the use of Ripple technology.

Thank You


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39 minutes ago, JASCoder said:

I'll take first crack at it :)

a) A company paying them license and support fees for their software products and services.

b) A mutual stake into one or by another (SBI, MGI, etc).

c) Like Microsoft, MIT, Stanford University, etc - Runs a validator node on the Ripple Network.

I think you are close but slightly incorrect.

Customer is correct I think.

A partner is used loosely I believe.  So it’s anyone on Ripplenet or it’s a literal business partner.  Marcus Treacher recently explained how Ripple teams have brainstorm sessions with their customers and assist in developing that particular customers services using Ripplenet.  (The new Home facility seems to be a way to automate some of that load...   probably because they are anticipating adoption at scale and will need automation to maintain that ‘opportunity mining’ service level.)  So Ripple are trying to be more than a vendor...  they want the customer to view them as their partner in improving services.

A member of Ripplenet is more than just a customer.  Ripplenet is a community of institutions that have accepted and agreed to common standards on how to run their interlinked network and that therefore can easily interface with each other (again the Home facility is all about that).  So a Ripplenet member is necessarily a Ripple customer (to get the software) but is also a participant in the interlinked network of institutions.

Someone who runs a validator is NOT a Ripplenet member and most are not.  They are participants in the XRP Ledger.  These two things are different and Ripplenet does use the ledger but only in ODL usage...  most Ripplenet members do not as yet use the XRPL.



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