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FF monitor show gatehub hack for my mail


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Hi all;

using hte firefox monitor I get the gatehub hack as one of the hacks in my list.

my question is: is the FF monitor based on real data? for example the leaked DB? or does it only know that my mail has a gatehub account and will show this hack for all gatehub users.

thanks for your comments.

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I received a warning from my credit monitoring service (Experian) They provide what they call a “dark web scan” (sounds impressive but it’s not)

About 2 weeks ago I was notified that my email address was found on a known “dark web site” associated with illegal activities.

The offending site’s name was “Gatehub.net”

According to Experian Gatehub.net  is the dark site, and not the victim.

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1 minute ago, Valhalla_Guy said:

How can having my email address compromise my emails? I never gave Gatehub my email server’s password. In fact, even though I registered at Gatehub, I never used the site. I used another exchange when purchasing.

I was just about to ask this as well.

I used a different password on Gatehub than my email address. 
Ive changed my emails password since the hack as well, but I believe I am safe?

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