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Which IOU would you like for GateHub Fifth to add on ripple?


GateHub Fifth new IOUs poll  

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  1. 1. Which new IOUs would you like for GateHub Fifth to add on ripple?

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Just now, Xi195 said:

With their interest in ILP and Ethereum integration ZEC could be a great add. Has consistently high trading volume and would also be the first anon crypto on GHF. 

Good to see you are keeping the ball rolling. 


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Nice to see you grow. I'd say anything in the CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations top 15...that could draw some attention from altcoin traders from the main exchanges.

I would also like XLM ...we never know when/if that project is gonna pop and it's still listed at some good exchanges.

LSK for the same reasons.


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Would the privacy minded coin users (ie. Dash) even be attracted to using ripple? I know they are hot right now, but I am not sure it would translate over to ripple. Not enough traders on ripple for pump and dump investing and not enough intended users to give a base...

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24 minutes ago, kanaas said:

Isn't there not much more need for fiat IOU's?

I was thinking the same. JPY and CNY needs more gateways. GBP, CAD, AUD, BRL, KRW, need volume. 

I would add that many currencies need a market (In order of population vs potential market): INR (Indian rupee), IDR (Indonesian rupiah), RUB (Russian ruble), MXN (Mexican peso), PHP (Philippine peso), etc.

Here's a good list of the top 30 majors. http://www.exchange-rates.org/MajorRates.aspx

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