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QuickGatewayKit, A web-kit for creating Ripple Gateways and Cryptocurrency Exchanges using the XRPL


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A few years ago I created a repository for creating Ripple Gateways and Cryptocurrency Exchanges using the Ripple Consensus Ledger.  The code-base is accessible via http://ripplegateway.design or https://github.com/whotooktwarden/QuickGatewayKit.  This package in conjunction with another, rippled-sign-submit, allows the operator of a QGK instance to utilize the CoinPayments.net merchant solution in conjunction with Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) to accept cryptocurrency deposits and automatically issue IOUs onto those assets over the RCL.

Interested Individuals and entities who are looking to form their own Ripple Gateway/Cryptocurrency Exchange may contact me privately to discuss writing a Software Development Agreement for the creation of your own mock gateway, excluding Terms of Service section unless residing within Canada.  

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