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Need help on activation


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Hi guys, first of all I'm grateful for being here.

I've opened a wallet today using RippleAdminConsole and transfered on my address 500$ BTC worth 50K XRP from shapeshift.io.

I thought with that money it will be activated also, because it says that I need to transfer 20 XMR at least but I sent 50K.

Is there another way that I should activate it, or I lost my money ?

btw, the " cold " wallet that I'm using it's saying

Your Ripple account is not active. To activate it, you'll need to send at least 20 XRP to (rBxTfuavpVbvcPJSKjR4hSnDYuViUDoZmV).

Thank You,

Regards, Denny

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XMR instead of XRP
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Hi Sourcapo, hi everyone,

I had a similar problem, I bought some ripple before transferring the activation amount (20) to my RippleAdminConsole desktop wallet. I thought a bigger transfer would have worked too, but I had to activate it with exactly 20 XRP.

Now it is active, but I wonder if I lost my previous transfer... 

Do you know what I should do or have any suggestion?

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for your reply!

There I can only see my activation transfer and I am afraid the previous didn't work out. I hope I can somehow recover the funds... probably my order was considered invalid.

I thought that after my wallet being activated the first transfer would take place, but it is not the case.

@Sourcapo, did you manage to get your Ripples eventually?


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I also thought so, otherwise I wouldnt have risked. I bought them on a dutch website, litebit.eu. Now the customer service is supposed to look into it, but I am quite disappointed in the speed by which they are handling it.

Thanks for your help guys!

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