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I'd like to invite you to check out XRPLore, my new blog in Coil where I post about the ever-growing list of projects that either have been built or are in the works around the XRP Ledger. 

The objectives of XRPLore are to help spread the word about the outstanding work done by the Developers within the XRP Community through their projects, while also supporting the One More Home XRP fundraiser via Coil streams that result from Coil subscribers reading the weekly project spotlight and accessing the curated list which will be updated every month to reveal the projects covered each coming month.


Would really appreciate your feedback!

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Here is the 2nd XRPL project featured in XRPLore!

Wietse Wind's Ledger Exposed. Despite being a well-known website in the community, I received some feedback from some people that either hadn't seen it or didn't know it was Wietse's work so I am really happy to have covered it.

Here is the link to the blog. Wietse showed me a historic YTD graph of the required amount of XRP to make it to the top 1% , which I've added to the subscriber section :D:



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I am happy to share the 3rd project featured in my Coil blog series XRPLore: Utility Scan, a sleek looking website leveraging on Ripple exchange partners APIs (in addition to Coinfield and Kraken), an algorithm created by the Dev Team and the XRPL to spot theoretical ODL transactions.

In the blog we walk through the website and discover a few of the upcoming features!


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I'd like to invite you to my latest post in the XRPLORE Coil blog series, covering an XRPL powerhouse: @devnullprod

I was thrilled to chat with Mo Morsi (Dev Null's Founder and CEO) and to find out more about Dev Null's work, focusing specially on XRP1ntel.

This post features a personal note from Mo:


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