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An Update

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Hello everyone, it has been quite a while since I have posted anything in regards to my participation within the RCL community.  In August 2018, I signed an agreement with my then landlord to move out of my bachelor apartment by a certain date and he would pay me a bonus and return my last month's rent to me.  As a part of this agreement I was to remove all of my furniture and belongings from the apartment by an agreed upon date.  In doing so I found myself being too active in terms on walking, which with my physical disability caused me to become wounded. 

When I was very young and wore AFO leg braces, my Mother dragged me up and down hills in Toronto once which led to a hole being bore into the left side of my left foot and another wound which builds up callous on the bottom of my foot.  This skin area on my left foot is very weak skin and due to the amount of activity from moving out of my apartment, I bore a hole in the side of my foot and I contracted venous stasis which caused multiple leg ulcers.

I moved into a room in a boarding home soon after this and began treatment with homecare nurses and it has been over a year now with this wound healing.  Additionally, I was illegally evicted from my new place of residence just a few days before Christmas 2018.  I ended up going to the hospital to explain my situation to a doctor and they admitted me to the psychiatric ward of the hospital because they found out that I have had a prior hospitalization there.  I then spent 107 days in hospital until the social worker found a new living arrangement for me in a seniors' residence which also acts as a lodging home.

I have not been remitting any assets over the RCL as of over a year and a half now and I do not have any current plans to form another Ripple Gateway project due to my lack of income that I have available to me from my Ontario Disability Support Program benefit.  In the past when I was living independently I was receiving a little more than 1300$CAD a month but now that I am in a loding home more than 800$ of my benefit goes towards my room &board then I receive a 'personal needs allowance' of 150$CAD in addition to a special diet benefit from ODSP totaling 169$CAD monthly.  With having to pay my phone and internet bill as well as buying the necessities of living in a group home, I have a very, very limited amount of funds to do any sort of investing into new projects.

As of now, I am focusing on trying to reduce my activity as much as possible so that my foot wound will heal up finally.  I had made the decision earlier this year to begin performing research into game theory and MMO economics, specifically the gamification of education & gamification of income.  I believe that games coupled with distributed ledger technologies such as Ripple have the ability to impact young peoples lives by teaching them subjects such as mathematics and cryptography while earning cryptocurrency/IOUs while completing various educational tasks.  I have also been thinking more about this thread that I posted in the past which still interests me to this day because I just have a feeling that the RCL can one day be used as a backbone for a blockchain based game.  I have also been reading up on the Ethereum blockchain and have a few ideas on how to use the solidity programming language to create a smart contract which would power a web based video game.

tldr; I'm wounded and healing slowly, I have been put into a crappy living situation after another hospitalization, I don't have funds to fund any projects such as a Ripple Gateway, I still have plenty of motivation to research and refine my ideas which I have discussed in the past on this forum and the official Ripple forums, last I am also interested in using the Ethereum blockchain/solidity programming language to create a smart contract which would power a web based video game.

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5 hours ago, baggy23 said:

Sad to hear that you were not able to profit from the last bullrun.

I remember you were here since the beginning. Get well soon!

I've been since the Ripple classic client was being used before being shutdown and began posting on the official ripple forum in 2014 when I gained an interest in operating a gateway then created some resources for the community with http://ripplegateway.design [thread].  I did manage to take a small profit from the last bullrun.  This wound has been over a year healing now but it still looks good and is healing up nicely, its just a matter of time and reducing my activity as the wound has healed completely on the side of my foot but the ulcer/hole is still on the bottom of my foot now.  

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16 hours ago, Shuz said:

Good old hammer town!! Cool im a 905er if you are interested next year i could pop down for a coffee and chat

There is a Tim Horton's right around the corner from where I live currently.  I would be down for a coffee and a chat, just send me a PM and we can set it up.

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