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CMC => Liquidity will be the default ranking metric soon


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15 minutes ago, Archbob said:

That doesn't favor xrp though. By Marketcap, XRP is solidly #3, by Volume, they are somewhere between #3 and #6 depending on the day.

What's the definition of liquidity ranking for CMC? Can't be just volume itself

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We will have to see what 'rabbit they will pull out of the hat'.

Coin Market Cap (CMC) are initially BTC maximalists of the 'old school'. The type that still believes that 'the earth is flat'. We have seen that a few years ago when they stopped quoting XRP on the Korean exchanges. XRP's ranking was to high for their liking.

DON'T TRUST CMC. There are so many other websites which do provide a fair crypto rating and value.

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28 minutes ago, Caracappa said:

But volume is not liquidity... You can create a lot of volume with very thin order books.

You can fake market depth even easier in my opinion though so I'd imagine this 'liquidity' metric will be abused just as much on CMC.

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