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Ripple Launches New Product, RippleNet Home

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44 minutes ago, ZeeperCreeper said:

This might just be the thing that partners need to realize how much they are missing out by not utilizing ODL.

Exactly!! Talk and technical jargon can only go so far especially when your talking to bankers and financers they typically want to see numbers, graphs and more graphs and charts they could give a rats ass about the technical innerworkings as long as the bottom line is what they want to see. I can personally testify to being in meetings with execs and having someone present something that's technically awesome but they send all technical people and tech material to present and they have pretty much lost the crowd in the first 10 minutes of the meeting all but the few technical people that were invited.  I have also seen the total opposite where a company comes in with the charts, graphs and data that those decision makers want to see and it's full engagement through out because they start off talking a familiar language.... This is going to go a long ways if you ask me Ripple just stepped their game up exponentially with this product.

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On 11/8/2019 at 8:40 PM, Tinyaccount said:

Tinder for banks.   :) 

It is in fact Tinder for all FI’s, remittance companies, multinational corporations and more. Ripplenet Home is ‘enabling’ (bringing control to) the end-user!!!!!  @JoelKatz Maybe the next step is a specific consultancy program with which the KPMG’s, PwC, EY, Deloitte, Boston Consultancy Group and others start educating their high profile customers.... it is the  business of international consultancy companies to help optimize their customers financial flows.

Enabling the end-user with Ripplenet home is a ‘stroke of genius’ and might even become the ‘Swift killer’ app. Well done Ripple. This makes me extremely bullish for the near future.

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