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Has Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund sold its share in Ripple?

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Apologize if this is common knowledge.  I was reading about some trouble at Thiel’s venture capital fund here:


which lead me down a worm hole to try and find out more info on the Thiel fund that has invested in Ripple Labs.  It turns out Thiel’s founder’s fund invested early on (circa 2013 from what I can tell). Thing is, when checking out their website Ripple isn’t listed in their portfolio:


Has there ever been any word or news of Thiel’s fund selling out of there investment in Ripple? Has this ever been mentioned or answered before?

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43 minutes ago, ADingoAteMyXRP said:

When I search "Ripple" and "Founders Fund" this thread is the first thing that comes up. Are you sure they ever invested in Ripple? Thiel is a big Bitcoin guy.

This is because it was still OpenCoin when they invested:


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