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Walmart partners with Ria, MoneyGram for international money transfers


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This was pretty much a given in progression considering the relationships here and the heavy Walmex presence in MoneyGram's latin corridor . Great News!! A Win, Win for all sides with this move. This move will probably spearhead more corridors lighting up too.  I am paying close attention to Canada, China, India, and Japan with this move.


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Yes the existing (and now extended) partnership between Wallmart and Moneygram was a hidden gem when the Moneygram partnership was announced.  Adding Ria to the mix just increases exposure and puts pressure on other money transfer services.  I'd like to point out that Moneygram as a money transfer service is also offered at CVS as well.  The reach that Moneygram has is pretty significant and people do use these services regularly as they are located in high traffic easily accessible locations.

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20 minutes ago, GiddyUp said:

Might also note that Walmart customers are value-conscious and will appreciate a low-cost remittance provider very much.

99.9%of the reason one walks in Walmart is low prices. That is their calling card and this will go hand and hand with their Philosophy.

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