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Suggestion: Burn 50 billion XRP


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Having a big bag is good to become lender of last resort, which might be a theoretical possibility. Of course not everyone can become this, trust is most important and perhaps there need to be some changes before it's even possible, if ever (like giving XRP to another entity / law changes / changing the view of important world economy people)


I also remember an employee write something how this distribution 'problem' actually became something good but I can't find it at the moment.

I would be more relieved if Jed sells or burns his stash

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It would possibly be a criminal act for Ripple to do this as it would violate their fiduciary responsibility to shareholders. It is mathematically not in their interest to do so. They would be losing more in market cap than they would stand to gain in any increased value. It would essentially be a wealth transfer from Ripple to other XRP holders.

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