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So No One Is Talking About Ripple Xrp's Appearance in Justin Bieber's IG Story?


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Man this could be used as a good advertisement piece it infers money moving around the world as fast as Bieber in the video utilizing Ripple.  It's Trendy, eye catching and has a household name in the entertainment biz attached to it!!!   Thank you Scooter Braun!!

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1 hour ago, iLeeT said:

If people pay attention to IG stories as much as I do I'd imagine all 2-3M people that saw this forgot about it 3sec later, assuming they've even watched it and not just fast forwarded it.

It's not just about the fact that a lot of people watch it, I couldn't care less tbh. People buying XRP doesn't make the price pump.

It means way more than that imo. Even if we all already know Scooter Braun is in this.


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