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Cooperative Entertainment v. Ripple Labs

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Quick update on this case. Two days ago, on 2/6, Cooperative Entertainment, Inc. dismissed their own patent infringement lawsuit against Ripple Labs, Inc. with prejudice (permanently). Seems like a settlement to me by Ripple Labs, Inc. Again, Cooperative Entertainment was alleging that Ripple's software product(s) were infringing on a patent filed by Cooperative Entertainment. 

IF there was a settlement,
1) we will never hear about the dollar amount paid to Cooperative Entertainment unless it were to leak (doubtful), and
2) arguably, the decision to settle was probably easier than stringing this case out for at least one year, probably longer. It would have been a business decision to put this one behind them, even if they had a few good defenses. 

Lastly, with this lawsuit behind Ripple, the only case still outstanding is the securities lawsuit. Will update the community once we judge issues an order. 



@Snoopy, @Pablo, @WillGetThere, @vlad_got_it, @jcdenton, @Mrsrippley, @xrpisking




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