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We love Bitcoin, But XRP Solves our Problems’ –Xago CEO Jurgen Kuhnel

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I came across bitcoin back in 2014, I wish I had invested in it, but hey missed things like google, amazon, and yahoo during the dot-com bubble. I never really like it either and I didn't see how it would survive long-term. It is flawed but, I think that all of us should appreciate bitcoin for its technology and its ability to create an entirely new market. In that sense Bitcoin should be celebrated to some extent, just the same as other originals such as the first car, first air plane, first printing press, all of those inventions were improved upon and today entire markets own their existence to the first mover.

    That said one of the most interesting thing about bitcoin is that no one really knows how it started. With that comes the true beauty of organic growth. Then in time it has become corrupted. In the end I think bitcoin will fail because of corruption.

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