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Anybody wants an opendime set?


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I've received an Opendime set (3 USB sticks to be used as hardware Bitcoin wallets) as a present. Because I've no plans to use BTC in the foreseeable future I want to sent them for free to the first one who wants them and who has showed to be trustworthy on this board. I'll send them globally for free (if you're elected, just DM me your mail address). They are all 3 unused and genuine.



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10 minutes ago, ErikNL said:

Is this part of the "to what extend should we trust hardware wallets?" discussion? ;) 

Actually... yes. :D

I received those from the reseller of that compromised Trezor .
After my complaint by both the reseller and manufacturer, they sent me a new Trezor T (and now clearly genuine) + those Opendime USB's as "wiedergutmachung" 
I'm not going to use those BTC sticks but maybe someone else has interest (otherwise they are for the bin ....)

BTW. After testing now both the Trezor T and a Ledger Nano X my preference will clearly go to the Ledger Wallet (easier to use and better XRP support - overall feels more robust soft and hardware) -

(Doubt that anyone will want my "used" for testing Trezor T ;) )

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On 10/25/2019 at 9:40 AM, Sharkey said:

Generous of you, retails for $45 USD.  Surely somebody would be able to use them. 

"use" and "sell" are unfortunately the part that's unverifiable. I must admit that I'm pretty proud of the community for not just opting in because free things are free. There are probably legitimate people that may actually use them for their purpose. Assuming they're confident in the people behind the product, storing BitCoin on any secure hardware wallet is better than an exchange.

On 10/25/2019 at 10:57 AM, kanaas said:

They indeed look cool but "only Bitcoin" makes them practical useless ;) 

That's exactly it. There's a pretty expansive ravine between people who believe in XRP and people who believe in BTC. Nothing wrong with believing you can hold BTC for profit, but I don't think most people here would ever hold BTC because they thought it was a better product.

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4 minutes ago, kanaas said:

Having asked/answered a few relevant questions on topics not going about charts, moon, lambo,... will do ;)

Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk

waaay too strict for me, I'm out :)

a simple "no" would have been sufficient, you know

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