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Spam? suspect BTC payments on XRPL

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I don't think this is spam at all. If you look at the transactions, you see many transactions that pay well over the minimum transaction fee. Here's one that burned 0.01 XRP. This means that the sende

Perhaps someone is testing the capabilities of the XRPL now Lightning network appears to suck. Suspicious in a bad way or something we should applaude?

7213/589 = 12.24  Obviously this means XRP will be $589 on Christmas Eve.

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17 minutes ago, lll_lll said:

The account was down to 5K XRP and it has now received another 22K XRP from Coinbase. This is just insane.



So it looks like you will run out of battery long before they run out of enthusiasm for whatever the heck they are doing.  :) 

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It could very well be a stress-test.

The amount of money is too much to be a small player, or simple spam (it isn’t sustainable long-term without a huge capital investment). The transactions per second are nowhere near our max threshold so why stress test at all? Unless you’re being extra careful...

The IOU’s are BTC but they could really be any currency. Maybe a Sologenic test for XRPL stock trading? Or something bigger? Live test for some kind of cross-border payment system?

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2 hours ago, lll_lll said:

I’m still not sold they this is spam. They are spending thousands of dollars just to spam with no apparent reason. I can think of few different ways I would use that money.

Unless someone is trying to spam it with btc in his mind, not knowing (or now he does) that these tps are peanuts for XRPL.

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1 hour ago, Caracappa said:

Unless someone is trying to spam it with btc in his mind, not knowing (or now he does) that these tps are peanuts for XRPL

Looks like the bot he has built to do this is sophisticated. Can’t imagine them being your run of the mill mom and pops type of spammer.

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2 hours ago, tulo said:

What I know is that my rippled is pumping much more than before, and my fan is getting louder and louder:

  • 81% RAM used
  • 40%CPU with peaks of 130%
  • 6Mb/s incoming bandwidth, 4Mb/s outgoing bandwidth

Soon I'll have to stop it.

That’s sad to hear.  
But it doesn’t mean that the XRPLedger is at risk.  More large scale (or richer) UNL and other nodes will have no problem continuing.

I don’t know how much resources you have Tulo  (although I know your skills resource is high!) but some of the nodes on XRPLedger are currently minimalist.  I really like that situation but it might not be viable.

Perhaps it’s good that we see now that the minor Rasberry PI type node is not really long term viable (not saying that was your type Tulo) and are left with only the enterprise grade ones with entities that have large fiscal resources running.

I sincerely wish you no disrespect Tulo because I know you are a long term contributor and have wicked skills.  I’m saddened to hear you might need to disconnect,  but thank you for the service you have long provided.


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