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Spam? suspect BTC payments on XRPL

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I don't think this is spam at all. If you look at the transactions, you see many transactions that pay well over the minimum transaction fee. Here's one that burned 0.01 XRP. This means that the sende

Perhaps someone is testing the capabilities of the XRPL now Lightning network appears to suck. Suspicious in a bad way or something we should applaude?

7213/589 = 12.24  Obviously this means XRP will be $589 on Christmas Eve.

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BTC accounts are still active and sending continously.
There are two main issuing accounts:
rpJZ5WyotdphojwMLxCr2prhULvG3Voe3X with 5936 trustlines and
r4H3qeo8avmLWCa154hZmUnSFu1vzvhp3n with 26 trustlines.
On the one address (rpJZ5WyotdphojwMLxCr2prhULvG3Voe3X) there are two open market offers.

Does someone know more?

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