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Gatehub victims, read this


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3 hours ago, jargoman said:

text of someone claiming they are responsible for the hack

If you do some OSINT on "Gnosticplayers" username, you can come up with very interesting stuff. This guy has been hacking companies for years and is apparently autistic and wants internet fame. His role model is "Peace", the guy who hacked LinkedIn, sold their database, lived lavishly and was later arrested. Gnosticplayers guy was doxed a couple of times, very publicly when he hacked Zynga and stole 218M user records. His posts on the original GateHub hack thread check out. This is why GateHub isn't calling bull$hit.

Some more usernames related to Gnosticplayers, that can be digged up: Kuroi'sh | irbl00d | Nclay

Apparently, his name is Gabriel K. B. A., born in June 1999. I won't post his full name here, because this needs to be verified first.

We could be looking at some interesting developments here.

Zynga hack story: https://www.zdnet.com/article/a-hacker-has-dumped-nearly-one-billion-user-records-over-the-past-two-months/

Access to a large collection of private database dumps including plaintext and cracked passwords could help explain the success of the hacker's password cracking and wallet decryption success.

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11 minutes ago, FakeNews said:

Or maybe the real LE teams realize that people like @Milkare only here trying to spread false information in the hopes that the police will end up chasing their tails. hmmm. I wonder. Guess we'll have to wait and see..

Funny, coming from someone called @FakeNews. Surely, there are more people involved, other than @Gnosticplayers. Let's see what unfolds. Ready for some crypto drama. :popcorn1:

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