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🔴LIVE🔴 24/7 Non-Stop Latest XRP ODL/xRapid Transactions. (Tracking Bitstamp, Bitso and Coins.ph)

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So I was looking at your google sheet, looking at your methodology for measuring the "liquidity index". Would you care to link to a resource which explain what that index is? I tried google but found nothing. It seems to me that it is trying to measure volume as a function of volatility. But the volatility is captured through the max and min price over the course of 24 hours. How is the measure of volatility over 24 h relevant for transactions which settles in a couple of seconds? Are you implying that the bitso volumes are directly affecting the price fluctuations of XRP over a day? I understand the concept of slippage on an exchange during settlement but find it hard to see the effects over such a long time period.

I simply made a trailing 30 day volume summation in a copy of your doc and i thought the results were interesting on their own.



So what I'm really asking is how would you explain the changes in the pattern between the above an below picture? Is the linear regression just noise or does it mean something?


I don't intend to attack you in any way, i just found the chosen way to present the data curious. Hugely appreciate your efforts since I've been looking for xRapid or ODL volumes on my own without any satisfying results, but you sure did deliver with this post!

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