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XRParcade Ripple ecosystem updated

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XRParcade Ripple Ecosystem infographic updated. You can view more information about each entity at: https://www.xrparcade.com/rippleecosystem/. New additions are always added at the bottom of the page

Brilliant work, you are a huge asset to the community.

Thank you, updated!

12 hours ago, Stellios said:

I work for one of the UK banks referenced as part of the ecosystem. Without wanting to undermine your hard work, the contact between Ripple and the bank was minimal at best. 

I can say the same thing for the Australian Banks.

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9 hours ago, Freaky said:

I can say the same thing for the Australian Banks.

Less than a day spent with Ripple as part of a wider disruptive technology event, several years ago. Subsequently, we have ruled out using Ripplenet in the near future. We are however part of a consortium of banks in partnership with R3 and Corda.  

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