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Real estate on XRPL


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I came to an idea of tokenizing real estate on XRPL. I gave it a quick search here and i cound not find any relevant discusion. As stock, gold etf etc. are coming to XRPL i wonder what if there is the posibility of real estate being tokenized on it and traded across globe in seconds. I have not developed much of an idea but if it sounds realistic and usefull i would be very intrested to make more research of it and develop a concept of it.

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There is quite a lot of examples of this if you search google/other.  Several properties in NY have been tokenized.  For example this one:



An introductory article here:


But also many companies up and running doing this now, if you search.  Would make a lot of sense for them to employ the XRPL.


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I like to watch how people come up with some good ideas and, for some reason, write about them here and do not implement them... You should have kept quiet about this because many people can pick up your ideas and earn big money instead of you. Remember the main rule of doing business, do not tell anyone about your plans. I also once blabbed to my real estate agent, who helped me draw up some documents. So this man took my ideas and opened his own business, which brings him a lot of income. So be careful!



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