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IMF – World of Payments & Currencies is Changing, Major Live Announcement Today…


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Is Lagarde actually going to speak to this, or is the photo above just a name drop? I'm not seeing her name listed on the link. 

One of the panelist is David Marcus...

"David is the Head of Calibra. Previously, he was the VP of Messaging Products at Facebook. David joined Facebook in 2014 from PayPal, where he spent the previous two years as the company’s President and previously as VP of Mobile, leading it's mobile products and business."

Guessing XRP and Ripple Labs won't be part of the discussion. Would be awesome though.

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This is the tweet it's talking about, to save you a click: https://twitter.com/IMFLive/status/1182733003853910017


"The world of payments and currencies is changing. Is big tech the future of finance? Watch our live conversation on October 16 at 3pm EDT (7pm UTC)"

That's not an announcement, that's a 'live conversation'. And the bit about the world of payments and currencies changing is the bloody topic of the discussion, not a preamble for an announcement.

Either the person writing this news post is stupid, or is wilfully misrepresenting what was tweeted. You get to have the fun of choosing which one.

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