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New here and to crypto .help .xrp scam


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Trying to report scams 1000 for 10000 XRP airdrop. Never got my 10000 XRP. 

Can't get reply or no help toster wallet,no way to contact them, 

Other sights , demand requirments, to return email. 


Address to you tube scam..





Payment was to :  rQNB6CZafDsK1THVrzdudHaeuRvuHF87Ht





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16 hours ago, Atms said:

Trying to report scams 1000 for 10000 XRP airdrop. Never got my 10000 XRP. 

Sorry Atms but there is no recourse available to you other than contacting the police.  This is a despicable thing done by degenerate scum but unfortunately given the nature of the Internet and crypto there is little that can be done so far.

Having said that...   if you report it to police and if they transfer funds through an exchange and they have given some personal details to that exchange there is a chance that the law might catch up with them.

There is also the possibility that some white hat Internet inhabitants might look into this for you.  Unfortunately I have no names or sites to recommend but I hope someone here can assist in some way or steer you towards someone who can.  Perhaps have a good look at the Bithomp site and there may be some reporting options there...  I do not know myself but I think they do have at least the capability of marking the wallet address as fraudulent.

If anyone knows better steps to take then please let us all know of them.  Again sorry that you were conned by these bad folk.

Too late now but we all should learn that as a general principle there is good reason to suspect something that looks to good to be true.

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