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SoloGenic – Tokenize Assets, Stocks, Fiat & ETF’s in Exciting XRP Eco-system


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Yes. the XRPL is a multi-currency ledger, the tokenization of real-life assets is pretty simple. The regulations are the problem. This post is 18 months old. I believe Sologenic has been operating in Europe. I'm not European so I don't know how much progress they've made.

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Yo, the link doesn’t even work. Do you think it’s because the post has been here for too long? And if it’s XRPL you’re talking about, what does it do basically? The google explanation isn’t that good. Is it possible to invest in it? Or how does someone make money with it cuz honestly, this is the first time I hear of XRPL. But if this XRPL is all about investments, then I might not necessarily need it. Because I was reading an article titled “best 5g stocks to invest in” yesterday, and I think it is something I should try. However, I’m a little confused about the option to choose from the list. If you’ve ever invested in any of them, please tell me which one is the least likely to lose cash.

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