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Cessation of the Hodor Blog

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Goodbye, to an OG, and hello to who you are. If Hodor chooses not to reveal his identity in relationship to his blog, I'm sure some will try to decipher who the user is. Let the game begin.

edit: I meant to say that, when Hodor begins to write under their real identity, as stated in the blog, that if he/she chooses to say "hey I was hodor," then great, if not I'm sure some people will try to figure it out through writing style, use of logic, and so on.

O.G.= original gangster. In modern terminology it refers to someone who was at the beginning of something.

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unclear sentence structure and logic.
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Final message!  XRP Chat is where it all begin, so it's fitting that for this avatar, it's where it ends as well.  It's been a journey with countless twists and turns, and try as I might, all th

Anyone who commented and conversed with him on the forum would know he was one person providing a service to the community.  He only made his opinions known in the intro and comments, otherwise his wr

https://coil.com/p/Hodor/Cessation-of-the-Hodor-Blog/BBo_l6Yoo   Goodbye, to an OG, and hello to who you are. If Hodor chooses not to reveal his identity in relationship to his blog, I'm sur

@Hodor You've been one of the biggest contributors to the XRP community, and have helped many of us stay optimistic through the multi-year crypto winter. Thank you for your dedication, and the work you constantly put in - its really admirable. Psyched to see what you do next! 

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WOW @Hodor this is big news but fully respected, as well.  It's bittersweet, since your posts have been so helpful and well written, and have been a source of education to many of us.  On the other hand, it seems to signify a positive milestone, as you so clearly stated in your reflections on where you see that IoV developments are heading.  It seems that you are passing the torch to others in the XRP Community, and that's an acknowledgement to some level of maturation. ;) I do hope that you continue to have a frequent presence, and whether you explicitly reveal your real identity, I'm quite sure that you will continue to add great value to the space.  Finally, thanks for giving everyone a heads-up, so that all kinds of conspiracy theories might be kept at bay. :D  Best wishes!   :drinks:

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Congratulations to Hodor for sustaining the XRP community through difficult times.

I am not surprised because the acceleration of developments in the XRP ecosphere are simply too numerous for any single individual to summaries in detail every week.

I think it makes a lot of sense for Hodor to focus on areas that interest him most and work under his real name.

Thank you Hodor and Good Luck.  When you reappear we will immediately know it is you because we are now all looking out for a new member who is courteous, well researched, honest and detailed.  You will stand out as being Hodor under a new name

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So long @Hodor and thanks for all the fish. It's a shame that you're stopping because there is precious little content on xrpchat that is worth reading any more and you were one of the few contributors who made an effort to keep spirits up during a very long bear market for crypto.Your posts will be missed.

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Well @Hodor,

Your alter ego will be missed. I’ve become convinced that the avatar you’ve used is in your likeness.

To suddenly see the real man behind the brilliant writing may take a bit of getting used to (unless of course you’re a gorgeous stacked blonde in actuality) then this gets even better. Some how though... I don’t think that’s how this all pans out.

And referring to you in your real name? Ugh...many things to relearn.
Best wishes in your new approach, I look forward to seeing you cover the growing explosive developments and growth of XRP as the guy who used to be @Hodor

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