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Questions on Ledger Nano S


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Hey, Guys 

Ive just started to use the ledger nano s and have some questions on how to operate it correctly im wondering if im doing it the safest way or not. 


So I get the ledger and create an xrp wallet, install the ledger live software and every time i want to send or receive XRP i just log into nano live to make the transaction is it as simple

as that?


My other concerns is if the device some how goes fails or doesn't work, how would you recover your funds, is there a process through the codes that ive written down on paper?


Last question if my computer fails and the ledger live app is no longer accessible on my computer how would i log into it?



Help would be much appreciated. 

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Nano is just an interface to access your funds and easily make transactions with the PIN code. 

The 24 words are the important one. You can always access your XRP with those, even without nano. And so can EVERYONE else so keep them safe. Your nano is NOT NEEDED to access the funds. Anyone could clean up your wallet from around the world with a computer if they know your 24 words. 


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On 2/10/2020 at 11:11 PM, XRP-NZ said:

When i did so and opened up my wallet it showed a 0 balance.

Did you re-add the account to your Ledger Live? That may be necessary after resetting the Nano. (Accounts -> Add Account)

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