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BNP Parisbas - Finastra's Fusion LenderComm - 23 Sept 2019

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11 hours ago, JannaOneTrick said:



Global Head of Corporate Banking Operations, Philippe Boulas

Head of Transformation, Nicolas Gautier

23 September 2019


BNP Parisbas has participated in the creation of Finastra Fusion LenderComm.

Fusion LenderComm is a platform that enables syndicated loans to be fully digitized from their creation to their settlement.

In my research, I have already proven a few weeks ago that R3's Corda Settler is to be used alongside Fusion LenderComm by Finastra, which only a couple days ago was publicly announced to be partnering with Ripple.


In this video, they both explain the benefits of implementing Finastra's Fusion Lendercomm solution as an industry.

Nicolas Gautier brings the attention on the risks of being an early adopter and being alone in using it. But also he emphasizes the advantages of being an early adopter prior to others who are too slow at implementing this technology.

Lastly, Philippe Boulas highlights the settlement benefits.



thanks jana

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