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Bank of America hiring Treasury Product Manager for Ripple project

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7 minutes ago, ErikNL said:

Gotta say I didn't really expect this nor expected a bank like this to openly put a vacancy online the way they did. This is pretty insane. 

Just part of the normal hiring process I guess, I'm sure they put all positions up that are open to the public.  What was not anticipated is the sleuthing done by the XRP Community here "Good Job @Inequivalent!!"

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9 hours ago, eksarpi said:

An entry level position :huh:


This role leads for the Ripple Project...

Responsible for driving product strategy and growth...

Develop strategic roadmap... 

These action snippets don’t come across to me as very entry level. 
Great to see BoA working this direction. Even hardened anti-XRP supporters must be reading in disbelief... and that’s OK with me. Everyone’s entitled to their own assessment as to what this means. To me it means BoA is getting on board.

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