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Pomp's & Brad's Interview is out!!!

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11 hours ago, quan said:

Only factor that makes bitcoin valuable is through demonstrating the ritual of  burning tremendous amount of resources. 

BTC’s value comes from religious belief. 

BTC is also mined 80percent in China, which breaks the decentral title. 

China gov. probably controls the miners already. It’s the country of no freedom. 

I have no idea why btc maxis still calls Btc as the most decentral and liberal asset, when it is the total opposite position: fully controlled by Chinese miners, and total dependence of the current financial market. What an ironic asset. 

It is time to make the decision bitcoiners,

Time to wake up or burn in hell of eternal poverty.

Think objectively,  follow practicality!




And people here make fun of bitcoin bagholers being cultist lol

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