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It would help if mods were much harder on the trolls. There are members here whose clear purpose is to throw negativity and misinformation around and hope some of it sticks. I'm all for constructive c

I’m guilty of trolling the trolls in a not always civil or adult way, but sometimes I feel it’s the only way to shut them up, lowering myself to their childish way. It works though, last year many tro

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1 hour ago, Ripple-Stiltskin said:

Big man uh?  With a real need to let strangers on the net know, don’t you? 


Go on.......just how big and rich are you? 

We’re all very interested and listening, here’s your chance.


57 minutes ago, Ripple-Stiltskin said:

jerry maguire money GIF

Well sorry to let you waiting pumpking.

I counted 2670 well not too shabby for a Thursday and that's just cash from 1 of the stores.

But to give you a wider picture I also send the pin transaction profile page. And that's just from one store pin transcations from.


I hope you like what I did with the saldo had to take withdraw Abit to my personal bank to make the saldo show up that way but I did it for you !!! Let's see if you can spot it.



And now it's your turn.. COME ON!  give me that narcicistic sarcastic passive aggressive comment to make you feel better.

Tick tock.



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9 hours ago, Freaky said:

More like earning chicken feed from his 2 biggest fanbois. No wonder he threw in the towel. 

If he really wanted to reveal his "real" identity he can just do it straight away no point waiting. He's propably another ripple PR spokesperson trying to pump the price while they keep dumping in the background. A lot of people got tricked with his propaganda thinking the "internet of value" is imminent!

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