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Coinfields XRPL Project

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Coinfield CEO Bob Ras was meant to be revealing some details on this new project at the Malta Blockchain Sumit.

“This new ecosystem is the most sophisticated project ever built on top of XRPL, and it is the best use case for that. We believe this will be a big step forward for the whole industry and the mass adoption of XRP blockchain.”.

“We have a great team of advisors in our upcoming #XRPL project. All well-known figures in #cryptocurrency space. I'll be thrilled to announce the names & the details of the project very soon. This will be a game-changer! Ƨ + #XRPL = ?”

Can't seem to find any additional information on it though. Couldn't even find him on the list of speakers at the current summit. Apparently full details to come on the 15th of October!




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It would help if mods were much harder on the trolls. There are members here whose clear purpose is to throw negativity and misinformation around and hope some of it sticks. I'm all for constructive c

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call me cynical, but i don't like it when he says ETH is used as well -- ethereum is a pile of slow, overbloated crap, with a pointless gas token tacked on, and its only use cases so far are more pointless tokens (ICOs) and crypto-kitties, all of which make me concerned for his judgment in general and thus their ability to deliver something of quality and that is genuinely useful and impactful for the XRPL 

i also hate the stupid hype and announcements of announcements... but i do still have hope that, for once, something worthwhile can actually be created on the XRP ledger

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7 hours ago, Archbob said:

You know he's just hyping it up. Doubt it will be "game changing" for the entire market. More like "game changing" for coinfield maybe.

We'll know in 25 minutes!

I think they discovered you can send chatmessages via XRPL and they are using it a lot during breaks and weekends.

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3 minutes ago, Cooliozxrp said:

Just because you don't like the answer does not mean it's the wrong answer

Sigh, again it's not the answer but the lack of content. Just 'no' is as much as your braincapacity can come up with.

If you would be contributing to this forum you would say 'No, because the liquidity will flow in the SoloCoin instead of XRP so it won't do anything for XRP but only for the XRPL eco system'.

To that point, try being a little more precise in why not. But that is not your purpose, you're just here for the trolling.

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