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     I think this a good thing for the long term success of the digital asset market. The unfortunate part is that if xrp is not utilized by the time USDT complications impact the market we could see a major downturn in the price of all assets that have been purchased using USDT. I hope there will be real utilization of xrp for cross border payments by the time the impact takes place. I don't see another way for xrp to weather such a storm and not go down into another major downturn. Again tether isn't xrp specific, so we can hope.

     Also I think most of us saw this coming and it will be good to to get it out of the way. Again long term good thing, short damn face plant on concrete.

My short term strategy is accumulate as much as I can when the market takes the plunge into a Mariana trench caused by tether.

Side note. It is funny how corruption destroys both governments and financial markets. We should all take note. 


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