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Nano S Ledger - Recovery Phrases


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Hello, it has been awhile since I last posted to the forum. I hope everyone is doing well.

I recently updated my Nano Ledger S with the latest firmware. When prompted to reconfigure or configure, I accidentally selected configure which led me down the path of selecting a new pin and recovery phrases. When I checked my account balance it showed 0. 

My question are as follows:

1. Do I just reconfigure using the original recovery phrases? Up to how many sets of recovery phrases can a Nano S Ledger have? Just one? Or multiple? I presume that I still can use the original set of recovery phrases for this ledger. I really hope so.

I am very worried at the moment so I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thank you.



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If you restore with the 24 words of the original account your balance will be back. Don't worry. 

Actually the 24 words are more important than the nano s itself. Your XRP are on the XRP ledger. Not on the device itself. 

With the 24 words you can access your funds everywhere. For example on another nano. You can even access your funds online with a compatible software wallet which I don't recommend by the way. But it is good to know it is possible.  


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