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Suggestions for XRP Ledger enhancements

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Hey @JoelKatz it would probably be best if you created a Club with these various topics listed in a single location. Maybe one of the moderators @Pablo, @Mercury, @Global, @Morty, @xrphilosophy, could help you get that set-up. It would probably be a good thing if they could also pin it to the "Active Topics" list so that everyone can see it  regardless of what topic heading they under.

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Clubs have a very limited visibility, but I agree that this is maybe not the optimal format... I am unsure what would be though - GitHub issues? Formal RFCs? Chat rooms? Anyways, thanks for engaging an open discussion about these ideas in the first place, since so far it felt a lot like features were either implemented out of personal motivation or business needs and not widely feedbacked before a Pull Request landed.

Let's hope a few more developers from Ripple will also join the discussion on here! :-)


Edit: Here's a helpful post by @Hodor that links to all the threads (probably better to have this on the first page of the thread here):


6 hours ago, Hodor said:
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Re:Performance and Resource Consumption

For me the memory requirements are the most expensive aspect of running a stock node. Assuming memory will get cheaper, keeping the requirement of ~16-32gb, no matter what the future average tps is would be very helpful to the average Joe's budgeting. 

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"technological dead end" - shots fired!

I really enjoy you, David. You do great work and communicate well. Thanks - I wish you the best.

Edit: From a product point of view, I really like the idea of robust auditing. Given the complexity of features offered by XRP,  the need for log compliance,  a demand for "tier 0" SIEM integration , actionable log workflows, forensics, etc - clients certainly will appreciate attention here. 


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I'm not sure if this is reasonable but something I think would be useful is an option to require a condition with EscrowCancel like EscrowFinish has.  This would be useful for letting a 3rd party decide whether the funds get transferred or not and not relying on a time based lock.

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22 hours ago, JoelKatz said:

We’ve been working on a number of possible features and design changes that could be introduced to the XRP Ledger, and we want input from the entire community about these features.

Sounds like you have already built the features and as kitao would say "just have to press button" to implement them. :biggrin: Whats the ETA?

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