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Last 6 months - what did I miss?

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you missed nothing, we're at 2017 prices.

Haha. I've been holding patiently for 6 years. I guess another 6 won't hurt. I think now is a time to buy more.

Ripple dumped more XRP's and gotten richer of bagholders

3 minutes ago, ZX81_1k said:

Thanks.. just reading Joe's message, when he says "we were" a number of times is that because it's all fallen flat or is there still life in the Moneygram XRP venture?

Don't worry... reading up on it now. It looks like it's still a thing. Okay, feeling as positive as I was at the start of the year then. Nothing's changed so that's promising.

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5 hours ago, ZX81_1k said:

For the sake of my sanity, I've been out of the XRP loop for the last 6 months. What have I missed?

Ripple had a party with Snoop Dogg (no joke!) ....and follwoing that shizzle my ripizzle XRP started the race to Zero.

There is a technical support at "Fud Fighters" level and resisance at iQ.  Besides that, all good. 

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