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Libra is starting to sound a lot like XRP and ILP put together

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5 hours ago, XRPboi said:

That's a great write up. No doubt Ripple (or at least ILP) and Facebook are working together. Several of Ripple/Facebook executives have shuffled back and forth, and many are strong Ripple/XRP advocates on Twitter.

On the basis Ripple staff are fairly consistently slagging Libra off in the press... I doubt it very much.

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I'm still trying to wrap my head around how libra will be valued considering it will be based off a basket of currencies. This would imply that the value of Libra be stable, unless facebook is planning on limiting supply. Will Libra be printed and burned in accordance to a needed price? Will it be purposefully manipulated to make a few people money? I'm asking, because I'm unclear on how Libra is suppose to function as a form of value especially if it is tied to a basket of currencies and the governments don't want to be associated with it. Again IDK and if anyone would like to explain it would be welcomed.

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2 hours ago, panmores said:

Libra is a great wake up call for bankers. They should respond to these challenges. And look who offers them a turnkey solution??

Zuckerberg was probably too testy on how powerful his platform is and let himself loose a little too much while forgetting that there are much bigger players than him...

Libra will need to be completely redesigned from Facebook-coin utopia towards a 100%-FIAT-compatible service. If they are smart, they will license xRapid and make of it a user friendly feature perfectly integrated into FB. This way they will be in full compliance with local governments, while giving their users great new set of functionality. Zuckerberg's shareholders and masters will see a way how to grow further. Everyone is happy. Dream big, but keep it real.

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18 hours ago, xrp-protocol said:


Quite honestly, the examples and ultimate objective of Libra sounds a lot like what XRP has been unlocking for a few years now (together with ILP). I guess Libra is a bit late in the game :) 

This article was a complete rip off of what ripple has been saying, word for word, for the last 6 years. 

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