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Who is your favorite XRP-related YouTuber?

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I consider Susie Crew to be a mentor and a personal friend...and she writes well and does good crypto DD. I'm lukewarm on her videos, although she is good at FUD busting. She is a passionate believer in XRP. 100% real...not a fake.

I don't always agree with her, but I talk to her most days and I value her opinion on all things having to do with trading, and I've paid her to do DD for me. So that's my bias there.

Susie is what we in Texas call a "character". You either like her or you find her annoying. For many people it's the latter.

I do not consider her a "shill" because she wants to make money teaching, either. It's a labor of love for her, and she isn't trying to get rich off it. The XRP ring is goofy, but I've seen other XRP art and swag for sale. Big deal.

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crypto eri and DAI

no price preditions, no BS, no TAs, no 24/7 live streams. just clean pure info...

I am sure there are others that are good.

however, working money, alex C, and the likes all started great. once they went to TAs, predictions, cartoon bears, hour long streams etc their vids became useless to me (some to more than others). while a good portion of the vids might still be good its hard to overcome the nonsense that come before the real info.

its not an easy job doing this on a daily bases and I can accept this notion.

this is just my opinion...

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YouTube jumped the shark a year ago when we starting hearing about “world turtles” and such. 

Eri is the only one worth watching. 

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