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Crossbar - under the radar?

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So I had a crazy dream last night, I was at a healthcare conference in my own city, for some reason we were staying in a hotel downtown.

Sitting at a rooftop bar watching tornadoes landing on the horizon, my dad's former boss pulls up at the table with some sort of umbrella drink.

He says to me, I know you are still in Ripple, but those guys are all rich already - they got their money.

Skeptical, I asked him who he's got money on.

"Continental Coin. Wave of the future."

I woke up, the circumstances were too weird and I never dream about stuff like this.

There is no Continental Coin. But I found something else that really warped my thinking on crypto and utility.

A partnership between Continental, Hewlett Packard and a tech startup called Crossbar. They have been developing IoT apps for cars first, micropayments second. I know this is a totally crazy thought - to try to establish a utility framework before ever laying a token on top - but that seems to be precisely what these folks are doing.

They are working out mesh technology that allows cars to share information about parking spaces, the idea being cars contributing data could be informed of available parking at venues in real time.

They have proposed micropayments compensation using off-chain transfers of a native utility token XBR that was going to settle on Ethereum. Sounds similar to how Kin runs a double chain - stellar fork for in app payments and then settling to an Ethereum chain eventually.

It got me thinking about how we chase after the token projects so readily in this space, whilst letting the actual utility networks developing fly completely under the radar.

The interesting thing about their white paper is that they don't care what chain the micropayments settle on - if Ethereum isn't the best choice when they are ready to deploy, they'll use something else.

Seeing a project worried more about utility and less about token economy was quite refreshing.

The smart vehicle space seems to have a lot of these utility projects under the covers. I'm guessing micro aviation and drone fleets are also developing similar utility economies.

Maybe these "token-first" projects capturing all the speculator limelight are missing the point?



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