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HSBC Says The XRP Ledger Is a Potential Game Changer


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This is great news! Especially with Chris Larsen being a board member

From HSBC Report:


Payments. DLT can streamline end-to-end value transfers, reducing costs, operational risks and settlement periods. For example, Ripple’s XRP ledger provides real-time cross-border settlements, using tokens that represent central bank currencies. In foreign exchange, HSBC’s FX Everywhere tool processed more than 3m inter-company FX transactions worth $250bn in its first year

Article Link with HSBC Final Report

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14 minutes ago, ZzZerper said:

Central Bank tokens via Ripple? What is he talking about? I think he has Ripple mixed up with something else.

Nope.. talking about the ability to issue IOUs on the XRPL using the DEX features. (Decentralized exchange)

end game being banks exchanging their CBDC’s with each other using the XRP ledger 

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30 minutes ago, XRPwinning said:

Nope.. talking about the ability to issue IOUs on the XRPL using the DEX features. (Decentralized exchange)

end game being banks exchanging their CBDC’s with ea

Agreed that is possible but Bayley is talking about it as though it is happening now. It isn’t. So i think he is simply confused. 

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17 minutes ago, AgamemnonUA said:

I think it's possible that the CTO of HSBC, Stephen Bayly knows something that none of us do.

Bet he knows...Guess from who?..."Reports said Ripple’s Larsen, who still serves as the blockchain firm’s executive chairman, will offer his expertise on blockchain at HSBC."



HSBC is following in the footsteps of Santander, which last year formed a seven-member tech-focused international advisory board, chaired by former US treasury secretary Larry Summers.

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10 minutes ago, Cooliozxrp said:

Are people here really that desperate? This is another crap xrp hopium news ****.  This "news" is from march and Chris Larsen is not a board member at HSBC!

Yes, some folks are just that desperate, searching for crumbs of anything in every nook and cranny.  

I was recently talking to a friend that I shared the XRP story with.  I fact, to get him excited to go and do his own research I actually gave him 100 XRP worth about $22 bucks at the time.  He tells me he is reading everything, following XRP optimist, and anyone that might have secret news.  He seems to be ready to quit his job and live comfortable on his gains.  I asked him if he was being safe and not investing more that he could afford....he volunteered to me his holding of 1000 XRP...yes, only 900 more than I gave him almost 2.5 to 3 years ago....and he thinks this will set him for life.

He has to step away from XRP news for a while..... :(


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1 minute ago, RootSilent said:

He actually is - of the technology advisory board: 


With that said I am XRPwinning is right in that we have no idea what is or isn't happening right now

You are aware this was discussed at length in March when that HSBC paper was released......notice how much it has moved the price since then?

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