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Hi All, can someone help me?

When I try to send XRP to my exchange I open the ledger then open the send page in my Ripple Wallet there is a place for the amount to be sent, a place for the destination address, a place for the fee but, no place to put the (Destination Tag)  I keep searching the ledger site for info but it just says enter the Tag but doesn't say where to enter the Tag.  There is no box that says enter "Destination Tag" am I missing something. 

I did send 20 XRP to my exchange this way as a test, my exchange was able to find the XRP with the '#Number' but they said don't send again without the destination tag


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I have 2 laptops. The one I used to use only for financial transactions only, stopped showing the Tag option when I up-dated the nano. The other computer which is more powerful does indeed show the Tag option, so I'm guessing that it depends on the software you are using, though both my computers use Windows 10.

As you are aware, sending XRP to an exchange without a Tag, when required, is fraught with danger. As I haven't resolved my issue, as I can function without one laptop, I doubt that I have helped. I would suggest that you might check for any software up-dates for your computer as clearly the latest nano software is not compatible with all software 


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