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Ripple Reveals 2 Brand New Customers


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https://www.ripple.com/ just got a nice new redesign, with 2 new customers listed never mentionned before.





Original article:


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It’s interesting but not out of the ordinary.  If you believe Ripple (and I do) then on average they are signing two or three new customers per week.

The South America connection is interesting I suppose...  although we do know they are actively chasing customers on all continents and have already announced some other South American partners.

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"Interbank provides ATM services under the GlobalNet brand which accept debit and credit cards from around the world, as well as permitting cash deposits. Interbank also provides change machines which exchange notes for coins.

Utility bills can be paid at Interbank branches."

Seems ripple is targeting ATM's recently 

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Thank you for posting this. Very interesting to note that, with the website re-design, Ripple seems to have further shifted away from labelling their different products as xCurrent and xRapid (no mention of either on their website), but prefer to market their RippleNet product as a bundle with the option for «On-Demand-Liquidity ». I like this approach as it probably makes it easier for Ripple to market their products and the nomenclature provides an instant explanation of what xRapid/On-Demand-Liquidity is all about.

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check this post from mikenard:


also since the new site design, and the CNN interview they have announced @RiaFinancial, @Azimo, @goLanceInc, and we already knew about @TransferGo and @InstaReMit but they are now publicly part of the on demand liquidity PR (https://www.ripple.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/RippleNet-On-Demand-Liquidity.pdf). All are using on demand liquidity (xrapid )


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