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Empty wallet


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1 hour ago, zenkert said:

Strange question it might seem.
But what should I do with a wallet that only is funded ?
Erase and forget ?


What would you do with a long-idle $1,000 account in a bank?

I think it’s reasonable that XRP will reach $50 (and certainly possible to be much higher).  If so then that 20 XRP is $1,000.  By that time it’s also likely the reserve amount will be lowered to say 1 XRP.  That would mean you could access the bulk of those funds.

Also it’s no trouble to ‘own’...   just keep the keys safe and ignore it for a while and see about it later.

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8 minutes ago, RippleHerToShreds said:

Not your strongest trait, obviously.

I find that if someone doesn’t have logic on their side they are likely to attack the person rather than the idea.  You seem to want to demonstrate that for me.  Thanks.

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