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Ripple Incoming Response to Securities Suit - Question

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Don't get too excited: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/d5j0mr/incoming_securities_suit_response/

Courtesy of Dledgert:


I wouldn't get your hopes up for anything significant here. From a procedural standpoint, this case is still in the very early stages and Ripple will not be expected or able to show all of its cards. Although anything filed will be publicly available in hard copy at the courthouse and through the Federal Court PACER system, only 1 of 3 potential filings has a chance of containing anything substantive. Option 1: Motion for Extension of Time (probably the most likely - no substantive response); Option 2: Answer to the Amended Complaint (99% denials without detail and "legalese" - the section at the end "affirmative defenses" may contain a small nugget or two); Option 3: Motion to Dismiss with an accompanying brief (will contain mostly legal argument as to why the Plaintiffs' case should be thrown out even if you take all of their allegations as true, but will necessarily contain some factual substance on Ripple's argument of why XRP is not a security).



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Ripple's approach is World Class and world leaders and governments are involved.  Banks and regulators are involved.  The US has dominated the world currency for years and this position will continue to be guarded / protected by whatever means are necessary.  The SEC will eventually chime in but only when all the stars are aligned and everything is in place and ready to launch.

My personal opinion of course,  but I believe we are 18 months out from the average person being able to see all the connections in a public way.  

For now its just us dreamers drawing our own conclusions based on rumors and breadcrumbs.  Those if us crazy enough to hold on might eventually be right and then the risk would have been worth it.  We could also be wrong. 

I'm done with listening to FUD,  I am now just continuing to accumulate and watch and read as much as I can to learn about banking, regulation, blockchain, Ripple, and I will also just HODL.


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